Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As a young upcoming musician I have sadly come to realization that all artists, no matter if it be a mainstream artiste or just the guy that sings at our local bar every week, eventually reach a point in their career where they have to put their own preferences and choices to the side and instead have to perform what the public views as "the hot song" out.

Being in a band from the beginning has taught me a lot, I was there back when we were a small band and were able to perform the kind of songs we wanted to and, and what we approved of. But after making a name for ourselves and being known by quite a few people we have been forced to promote music and perform songs in which we personally feel are inappropriate.

I believe music as well as other various forms of arts should be able to inspire people, especially the youths in society, and I am strongly against some of the topics some of our main stream artistes choose to promote, which in my opinion can pin them as being sell outs.

Selling out is a common slang phrase. Broadly speaking, it refers to the compromising of one's integrity in exchange for money or other personal gain. It is commonly associated with attempts to increase mass appeal or acceptability to mainstream society. A person who does this is labelled a sellout.


  1. I definitly agree and there are some artists that do agree with what you say and also rap or sing about what they believe to be appropriate, however they are the ones that the mainstream media doesnt know about. The local ones that only the fanatics of that type of music would know about. The ones that we can honestly view and say "have talent" and are "true to what they believe." The world just doesnt know about them

  2. It's true that artist seem forced to sing what their followers/fans want them to sing. They have to do it just because they need the money to bring food and their own necessities back home. That doesn't mean they should stop trying to make the effort in singing and creating the music in which they believe in. The world is always changing, and sometimes certain artist sing and promote things that are inappropriate to a young generation, and then have the older generations wonder where did they pick this up from? But if an artist can manage handling both singing what's the "hot song" along with trying to perform songs they wish to sing, then maybe you might have change and be a leader than everyone wishes to follow.